Introducing the LoCooker

Prince Charles has tried scrumptious lamb cooked in it . . .

Some of the UK’s top chefs have road-tested it . . .

And the Government’s ‘Greenius’ (Green Genius) award has put the stamp of approval on it . . .

But what is “it”?

“It” is the revolutionary new LoCooker, made and designed by Clyne Energy, based in Llanelli.

food image
This energy-efficient, precise-temperature water cooker brings a new approach to cooking a wide range of food, with the emphasis firmly on quality. It operates by a unique combination of water spray, water vapour and convection, delivering heat energy into food in a highly efficient way. The food prepared by the LoCooker has improved flavour, texture and provides extra freedom for chefs at all levels.

The LoCooker can be used to prepare all foods that are traditionally cooked using water. It can replace cooking on a hob, in a water-bath, or in a steamer and it is truly ‘Green’. It uses only 1.5 litres of water to cook up to 8 kg of food and with precise temperature control from 35C to 95C will reduce operating costs, and wastage in commercial kitchens.

But as well as being ideal for any professional kitchen, it is also a useful tool for field catering, and pop-up kitchens, requiring no plumbing, no extraction and just a 13amp plug.

The LoCooker has not just been designed and built in South Wales, it has also been put to the test by some of Wales’top chefs including James Sommerin, Stephen Terry and Chris Keenan.

“The LoCooker produces food of excellent quality” said James. “We find it very good for seafood, and slow cooked meats. It is easy to use, flexible and has a very quick warm up time compared to a water bath.”

If you didn’t see the LoCooker in action at The Welsh Menu Live in Swansea the team will be at The Restaurant Show, Earls Court 2 from 7 – 9 October.

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